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Less is More

Our business model is simple…we only want to work with those that want to work with us, and we put limitations of how many clients our advisors are allowed to service. In many advisor business models, they will accept anyone that walks in the door. This leads to a downgraded service model, one that just is not acceptable to us. 2020 Wealth Advisors limits the amount of advisory clients one advisor can service to 100. Think about it, if the average financial advisor in the U.S. works a 40 hour week, and an average of 200 days a year, that is 8,000 hours spent on the job. How many of those 8,000 hours are allocated to serving you? Working with us, you can rest assured that many of our available hours will be dedicated specifically to you. By accepting less clients, we can provide better, more consistent service levels tailored to your individual needs.

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